‘Wow what an experience, putting on our debut theatre show’, Vocalist Russell Keith.

“Wow What An Experience, Putting On Our Debut Show”, Vocalist Russell Keith.

Wow What An Experience, Putting On Our Debut Show", Vocalist Russell Keith.
The Guys Of Decades Live UK

February 5th 2018.

Location: Paganini Theatre in The Old Ship hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, UK.

“Wow what an experience, putting on our debut theatre show”, Vocalist Russell Keith. Brighton was the host city of this venture and we had a blast. Lara Jayne Betts, our support act had the audience nicely warmed up and ready for a party. Incorporating theatrical elements to our existing show ‘Story of the Man Band’. Voice overs, an Theatre street scene, early recording studio moments and of course brilliant sound and lights provided by Mike Medway (MM Lighting) and Bryan Mercer (Sound Q).

This was not your normal sit down show, the aisles were packed with people dancing to the classics from The Four Seasons, The Drifters and The Beatles to name a few copying the moves that we were performing on stage. The first half of the show raced by, finishing with arms aloft as the audience swayed and sang along to our rendition of The Monkees “Daydream Believer”.

We recovered in the interval, with barely any time for reflection, it was back out to entertain once again. The second half opened with a fantasy sounding, almost film worthy piano, symbol and chimes overture into the iconic “Don’t Stop Me Now” and the audience were at it again, on their feet and singing along. WE WERE BACK. For the next forty five minutes the anthems left coming, people of all ages were fist pumping in the air to Madness, phones were held high for Oasis “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and hands were clapped ‘Friends’ style to “I’ll be there for you”. The show ended with ‘The group that coined the phrase Man Band’ Take That. As soon as the “Relight my fire” intro started, the party went into overdrive and it went up a notch when Lara Jayne Betts took to the stage as our Lulu. Ending on “Rule the World” the seats were empty as everyone joined in the chorus and as the play off played the applause continued, leaving 3 very satisfied and dare I say a touch emotional guys to take a bow and leave with the audience wanting more.

We can’t thank the people who booked tickets and took the time on a cold February evening to come and see our debut theatre show enough. We look forward to doing it again and we hope to see you all there once more.


Russell Keith. DECADES LIVE UK.

Wow What An Experience, Putting On Our Debut Show", Vocalist Russell Keith.